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My first yoga session in the every morning of the recent 5 years

Do yoga in the morning

My keen interest in yoga led me to go through a number of youtube videos and internet sites all in a bid to learn yoga online. I must say that the internet has a wide range of resources for anyone who would like to learn anything about yoga. Of course, you can’t miss thinking about meditation each time yoga is mentioned since they go together. I was also in search of personal improvement and self-motivation. There was no better and simpler way to attain them than yoga and meditation. Before I began practicing yoga, I had to get ready. I had to squeeze time for yoga in my daily schedule. I found morning hours shortly before breakfast as the most suitable time because I needed an energizing activity that would help kickstart my day on a positive note. First, had to acquire a yoga mat. I then cleared my attic…

My Yoga Theme

The essence of yoga, Fall in love with your imperfect self

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What is the “perfect” mean? That there are no perfect thing in the world. You should not always expect perfection, and be too picky to yourself. For young women, one thing is very important, and that is you have to feel good about yourself, although movies, and magazines will always guide you to exert all kinds of invisible pressure in the wrong method.